Hi, I am Christopher, my work focuses on interdisciplinary research in Natural Language Processing and Computational Political Science (e.g., framing analysis and argument mining). I have worked as a researcher in Natural Language Processing at the UKP lab (Technical University Darmstadt, Germany). I hold a master degree in Computer Science (2018, with a minor in Philosophy) and a master degree in Political Science (2019) from the Technical University Darmstadt (Germany). I spend a semester abroad (2016/2017) at the University of Zurich and ETH Zurich as a special student and research assistant at the Computational Social Science lab (ETH Zurich, Switzerland).

Besides research I enjoy coaching, teaching and writing. I taught multiple courses on the fundamentals of NLP and gained qualification in various skills such as presentation, writing and work related to team support and leadership. As a certified writing coach (SchreibCenter, Technical University Darmstadt), team and presentation trainer (Higher Education Laboratory, Technical University Darmstadt) I taught several courses. I am still active as an academic coach, for example as a writing coach in the writing lab of Computer Science (FernUni-Hagen, Germany) or as a guest lecturer at the SchreibCenter (Technical University Darmstadt, Germany) in WS2021/2022 (next workshop: “Stressless Writing”). I also completed advanced trainings as a certified university teacher for higher education (Higher Education Laboratory, Technical University Darmstadt, 2021). Furthermore, since 2020 I am a qualified stress management trainer (DADeSp, Technische Universität Darmstadt, 2020) with focus on the academic and university context (next workshop: “Stress-Bewusst” ArbeiterKind Hessen, WS2021/2020).

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